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Alcoholic Beverage License Survey

Most cities and counties require an establishment to be visited by a surveyor in order to receive an alcohol license. These surveys are done to ensure that the business looking to sell alcohol is doing so in accordance to the jurisdiction’s alcoholic beverage regulations.

ALTA Land Title Survey

An American Land Title Association (ALTA) survey must be conducted for a Title Company or Lender before title or mortgage insurance can be issued. An ALTA survey must meet the requirements put forth by the ALTA and American Congress on Surveying and Mapping (ACSM).

ALTA surveys show:

  • Boundary lines
  • Location of main building and improvements
  • Location of ancillary buildings
  • Identification of access rights to water gas, telephone, railways, and other utilities
  • Underground utility locations
  • Building height
  • Square footage (building and underground structures)

Condominium Plat

A condominium survey is required upon the completion of a condominium complex. The survey shows the condominium, units, location, and dimensions. The plat is then given to the Clerk of Court’s office. All land sales are based off of this map.

Monitoring Well Survey

Groundwater monitoring wells are essential to verify water quality, flow characteristics, and flow direction at petroleum release sites and storage tanks. For an accurate determination of the groundwater flow, water level measurements must be taken so that the elevation data collected at one site can be compared to the elevations of nearby features and other release sites.

Special Land Use Permit

A special land use permit is used as part of the rezoning process. Local governments usually require these types of permits before granting a zoning variance.

The details outlined in this survey include:

  • Adjoining property owners
  • Zoning classifications
  • Square footage of lodgings
  • Heated floor space
  • Parking spaces
  • Setback lines
  • Right of way information, and more

Subdivision Platting

Subdivision platting is required of property owners who are looking to subdivide their land into three or more parcels. These surveys are done to ensure that the newly divided lots meet the regulations of the zoning district. Adequate square footage, road frontage, and setbacks must be marked before approval of the subdivision can be given.

Topographic Survey

Topographic surveys are done to determine the elevation of an entire piece of property. The surveyor takes note of all the natural and artificial physical features on the site, and gives vertical information with the relative heights of the ground and other identified features. These types of surveys are commonly used for engineering studies, landscaping projects, and construction planning.

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