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Box Checks

The location of footer boxes must be verified before concrete can be poured. House corners stakes and other tools used for measurement can be easily disturbed during the excavation/grading process. If such errors go uncorrected, concrete will not form in the proper locations, causing major structural problems. A box check will catch these issues before serious damages occur.

Construction Staking

Construction staking is used to mark where proposed features are to be built. The locations of these features are taken directly from the construction plans. This is done to ensure that all proposed features are accounted for and that their locations lay in accord with the construction plans.

Demolition Plans

Demolition plans indicate which structures are to be removed during a demolition, as well as note other control measures. Demolition plans must be made before the site plan is completed in order to obtain a permit to demolish any structures on a property to make way for new construction.

As-Built Surveys

As-built surveys are done once the construction project is completed. This allows the property owner to obtain a Certificate of Occupancy. An as-built survey will show all new improvements on the property. It will also verify that the location and elevation of completed works are in line with the governing jurisdiction and the approved plan.

Foundation Surveys

Foundation surveys are performed to check that walls have been poured within the building setbacks. Once this stage of construction has been documented, building can continue.

Grading Plans

Grading plans are designed to control surface runoff, minimize soil erosion, and sedimentation during and after construction. Not only does it provide lots with more suitable topography, it also demarcates areas that cannot be disturbed by grading or filling. It will also outline the measures that builders must follow so that they do not damage these areas.

House Corner Staking

We can stake out major building corners and turns in the foundation to ensure that the structures are correctly positioned on the property. Because stakes have the potential of being disturbed during the grading process, offset stakes can also be set as a precaution.

Site Plan Surveys

A site plan survey is done when a homeowner is looking to obtain a building permit for either a small addition or an entire house. The site plan will show existing structures as well as the proposed improvements, grading, topography, tree locations and fencing, and lot coverage calculations. These plans are required to be in conformity with the governing jurisdiction, but we’ll do everything we can to create a plan that fulfills your building wishes.

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